Our Mission

Our Mission

To transform the delivery of oncology and cardiovascular care by aligning the distinctive capabilities of healthcare payers and specialty providers with:

  • Smart technology
  • Clinical data analytics
  • Deep clinical expertise

The ultimate goal of this transformation is to improve

  • Quality of Care
  • Affordability of Care
  • Patient Experience

Achieving this transformation requires NEW thinking, NEW tools, NEW partnerships and NEW Century Health

What Problems We Solve

  • Unnecessary Variations in Care Plans

    A significant amount of oncology and cardiology care is not evidence-based

  • Escalating Costs Not Related to Value

    The costs for oncology and cardiovascular specialty care are growing rapidly despite the unclear impact on clinical outcomes and benefits for patients

  • Fragmented Care Delivery

    Far too often, patients are receiving high cost emergency room and hospital inpatient care when they could be better managed in other, less intensive care settings

  • Insufficient Information

    Providers: Unfortunately, most specialty providers don’t have the information regarding quality, clinical standards and financial costs

    Patients: Although the quality of life and palliation should be a priority for patients with terminal and incurable disease, many are not provided the information to guide them and their family with informed choices during this critical time

  • Misaligned Financial Incentives

    In the current specialty care delivery landscape, providers are most often reimbursed on a fee-for-service basis instead of under fee-for-value arrangements

New Century Health Impact

NCH impact
  • Clinical Quality
  • Financial Affordability
  • Provider & Payer Alignment

Our Approach and Philosophy

We believe in taking a total disease state management approach instead of focusing on a single treatment or diagnostic procedure.

This NEW thinking along with NEW tools, improves clinical efficiency and effectiveness through the full episode of patient care, including diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Clinical data analytics and predictive modeling
  • Care management technology and clinical decision support tools to ensure adherence to clinical standards
  • Population health based approaches for specialty care coordination
  • Value-based reimbursement approaches
  • Outcomes reporting and quality benchmarking


NEW Thinking

  • Integrating the distinctive skills, data and capabilities of Payers and Providers to implement NEW comprehensive and sustainable solutions
  • Applying NEW tools of population management to individual treatment planning
  • Leveraging NEW technology and analytical tools to make care more efficient
  • Using NEW reimbursement models to pay for value instead of activity


NEW Tools

Our Integrated Single Specialty Provider (ISSP) approach breaks through the limitations of the old utilization management methods and results in comprehensive care management care across the entire specialty care continuum.

Coordinated precision medicine patient care through ISSP is

Delivered by multiple physician sub-specialties

Provided in a range of care sites
  • Hospitals
  • Community Practices
  • Outpatient Clinics


  • Hospice

What establishes New Century Health as the vanguard for next generation precision medicine care management?

Quality. Affordability. Experience.

  • Improved Clinical Quality
    • Comprehensive, disease state management focus
    • Transparently developed, widely adopted clinical guidelines
    • Enabling specialty practice Oncology Care Model success
  • Greater Financial Affordability
    • Demonstrated ability to generate sustainable, quality-driven savings
    • Suite of proven value-based client arrangements
    • Clinical pathways incorporating efficacy, patient safety and cost factors
  • Better Provider Experience
    • Improved administrative efficiency and streamlined prior authorization
    • Faster, accurate provider reimbursement
    • Peer-to-peer specialist clinical consultation
    • Easy access to clinical guidelines and decision support tools
  • Better Patient Experience
    • Streamlined, integrated care delivery
    • Information to guide informed choices regarding different treatment options
    • Better outcomes resulting from evidence-based care

Our Clinical Focus

New Century Health focuses on the two most complex therapeutic areas: Oncology and Cardiology. These categories pose the greatest clinical and financial challenges for patients, payers and specialty providers.

  • Chemotherapy and biological targeted drug therapy
  • Radiation Oncology
  • High-tech Imaging
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Palliative Care



We provide comprehensive quality management, including diagnostics and treatment, for oncology and hematology patients

  • Clinical Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular Interventions
  • Electrophysiology
  • Surgeries: Cardiac and Vascular



Our quality management guidance includes the full scope of diagnostic and clinical interventions at all sites of service

Clinical Pathway Development

High Value Clinical Pathway Development

New Century Health fully embraces ASCO’s criteria for developing high quality clinical oncology pathways. The transparent pathway development process for our specialty population health focal areas, oncology and cardiology, is designed to achieve these paramount objectives:

  • Reduce unnecessary clinical variation
  • Support physician clinical decision making of evidence-based therapies
  • Facilitating total cost-of-care management


New Century Health Alignment with ASCO High Value Oncology Pathways

Development Process Criterion NCH Alignment
Patient Focused Yes
Expert Driven Yes
Reflects Stakeholder Input In Process
Transparent Yes
Up-to-Date Yes
Balanced Assessment of Efficacy, Toxicity, and Cost Yes
Consideration of Strengths and Type of Evidence Yes
Based on Best Available Evidence Yes
Specific Evidence (Citations) In Process
Consideration of High Quality Evidence Generated from Validated Real World Data In Process
Public Disclosure and Management of All Potential Conflicts of Interest Yes
Comprehensive Yes
Promotes Participation in Clinical Trials Yes
Implementation and Use Clear and Achievable Expected Outcomes Yes
Pathway Program Reports and Communicate to All Stakeholders the Goal Adherence Rates Yes
Integrated, Cost-effective Technology and Decision Support Yes
Provider Real-time Notification of Pathway Compliance Yes
Provision of References or Links to References That May Support Pathway Variation In Process
Analytics Efficient and Public Reporting of Performance Metrics Yes